Enhancement of Existing Facilities

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Hong Kong’s country parks and special areas offer a variety of facilities to visitors, ranging from hiking trails to camping sites. These are designed to blend in with the surrounding environment. In order to enrich visitor experience, we propose to enhance existing facilities to cater for visitors of different ages, experience and abilities and improve visitors’ understanding of and appreciation for the countryside as well as user convenience and comfort. For example, we propose to:

  • Enhance the existing country park visitor centres to visitor hubs or set up new visitor hubs at appropriate locations. The visitor hubs will serve as the gateways to country parks and special areas and one-stop-hubs for visitor information (e.g. hiking routes, attractions, overnight facilities, etc.), exhibitions, guided tours, education programmes, toilets, kiosks, eateries and other visitor services, and where possible connect with nearby public transportation facilities. This provides a one-stop hub for visitors with different needs;

  • Set up more camp sites; introduce an advance booking system for popular camp sites and strengthen management; and provide kiosks and equipment rental services at camp sites for the convenience of campers and visitors as well as waste reduction;

  • Improve hiking trails with natural materials for hikers’ comfort and minimal visual impact to the natural environment;

  • Provide more viewing platforms for landscape appreciation and resting / sitting areas;

  • Enhance P.H.A.B* sites and facilities to increase the accessibility of country parks for people with disabilities; and

  • Enhance public education programmes to use country parks and special areas as an outdoor learning platform for nature conservation and environmental sustainability.

* Physically handicapped and able-bodied


Proposed Management Mode:

The facilities and advance booking system to be set up, enhanced and operated by the Government; and

Facilities such as kiosks and eateries to be operated and managed by private sector / non-government organisations through leases or management agreements.