Glamping Sites and Eco-lodges

Camping is one of the most popular countryside recreational activities in Hong Kong. Camping provides visitors with a getaway from the urban area to spend time outdoors. New styles of camping, such as “glamping” and staying in eco-lodges, are gaining popularity in recent years to offer convenient and comfortable tent-living experiences for people interested in non-traditional camping. Setting up glamping sites and eco-lodges can provide more diversified types of overnight facilities in country parks. This will enrich campers’ experience and facilitate campers of different age groups with different needs to connect with nature.


Proposed management mode:

The glamping sites and eco-lodges to be set up by the Government, and to be operated, managed and maintained by the private sector/non-government organisations; or

The glamping sites and eco-lodges to be set up and operated by the private sector/non-governmental organisations through a land lease.