Key Considerations and Enhancement Proposals

Taking into account comments and views from the engagement workshops and results of the public opinion survey, we have evaluated the preliminary options based on planning, design and operational considerations, legislation as well as environmental constraints in order to formulate a shortlist of enhancement proposals, identify potential sites and appropriate mode of operation for each proposal. The sites for these proposals should create synergy with existing natural or built resources, and should be compatible with existing uses in the surrounding area. It is essential that these proposals would not cause any unacceptable and irreversible environmental impact. With regard to design, the proposals will use eco-friendly materials and be compatible with their surroundings without adverse visual impact. These proposals will be operated by either the Government or private operators / non-governmental organisations taking into account the merits of individual proposals.

After studying the planning, design and operation considerations of the proposals, four enhancement proposals were shortlisted. They are:


Hoi Ha 1.jpg

Enhancement of Existing Facilities

In order to enrich visitor experience, we propose to enhance existing facilities to cater for visitors of different ages, experience and abilities and improve visitors’ understanding of and appreciation for the countryside as well as user convenience and comfort...


Open Museums for Historical Relic Appreciation

Setting up open museums for cultural heritage will not only enhance conservation of our historical relics, but also maximise the education value of our country parks and special areas on local history through various educational activities...


Tree Top Adventure

Tree top adventures have recently become a travel hotspot at many major parks. They offer unique adventure experiences within nature…


Glamping Sites and Eco-lodges

New styles of camping, such as “glamping” and staying in eco-lodges, are gaining popularity in recent years to offer convenient and comfortable tent-living for people interested in non-traditional camping experiences…