Study Background

Country parks and special areas are designated under the Country Parks Ordinance (Cap. 208) for nature conservation, countryside recreation and outdoor education. Located at the fringe of our urban areas, country parks and special areas not only conserve our scenic nature, but provides for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, camping and barbecuing. They also play a pivotal role in promoting conservation education and nature appreciation to the general public.

With a view to broadening and diversifying visitor experience, as well as meeting growing demands for countryside recreation, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) commissioned a consultancy study to explore and identify opportunities for enhancing the recreation potential of country parks and special areas in January 2017. The study aims to develop measures to strengthen the functions of country parks and special areas while striking a balance between nature conservation and promotion of outdoor recreational activities and nature educational programmes, thus contributing to mainstreaming biodiversity and environmental sustainability in our community.

The study seeks to formulate and recommend sustainable proposals for enhancing and extending the functions of country parks and special areas, while optimising the potential of their existing resources.

See Annex A for details of country parks and special areas (Annex A)


The study is conducted in four stages and attaches great importance to collecting public views through public engagement activities. Stakeholders’ interviews, public opinion survey, engagement workshops and public forums form the important parts of the study process to help develop the proposals. The four stages of the study process are:

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